Which loan costs are there?

If you want to compare multiple loan offers, you should know how the cost of a loan is composed: Effective interest The annual percentage rate is the most important indicator to estimate the cost of a loan. With it, the borrower can conclude the contract calculate the amount that he has to repay in total. […]

Data Update Times – Get a Loan

Global company cancellation: Times? We have spoken several times about global company, the best known private company that runs Eurisc, certainly one of the most used SIC (credit information systems) at European level. But regarding the cancellation of global company, what are the times? In the meantime, it is necessary to clarify that the positive […]

Swiss credit loan without Private credit

Are you thinking about a Swiss loan? Are you looking for authentic information so that your decision is on safe feet? In all likelihood, you are dealing with a foreign loan without Private credit. We present you the Private credit-free credit for Germans in all details. So that the overview is complete, right at the […]

Where to get personal loans without explanations

If you are looking for fast online money, loans and credits without explanations, you have come to the right place. We tell you how to get it, through online credits. These are the so-called mini-credits without questions, a new credit product that private equity financiers are offering to their clients, and that have numerous advantages, […]

Successfully Conduct Loan Interview

A loan application is granted more frequently if the borrower is sufficiently prepared for the loan. Many small mistakes that lead to a rejection of the application can be avoided with the right preparation. The most important tips for that Credit conversation is successful, are: 1. Good preparation A good preparation radiates expertise in economic […]

Pay off the loan early?

The recommendation of financial experts is basically: “Pay back a loan as soon as possible!”: If you pay off your loan quickly, you often save money and increase your financial flexibility faster. Especially when the salary situation improves or through inheritances or other circumstances more money is available than planned, it is worthwhile to check […]

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