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Who wants to take a loan from a credit provider, of course, wants the cheapest interest and best conditions. Customer friendliness is just as important as attractive terms on a loan offer. The best credit provider is therefore only in question, who meets these conditions. In the search for the perfect loan, the credit test helps. By comparing different providers, it quickly becomes clear which bank is at the top and who rightly bears the title “Best Credit”.

  • The test winner, the interest rates must be above average.
  • Unscheduled repayments are possible free of charge.
  • The loan fees are waived.
  • Guarantee for cheapest interest gives customers decision-making security.
  • The service must be distinguished by reliable and competent advice.

However, the following should be noted: What is the best credit for one does not have to mean “Best Credit” for another customer. The requirements for a loan can be quite different. Especially in terms of cost, loan amount, maturity, flexibility in terms of installment repayment, etc., the providers differed in some cases considerably. Depending on what you value most, your personal favorite may be different than another customer. Basically, we therefore always recommend an online loan comparison.

Find credit test winner through an online comparison:

  • Anytime, anywhere feasible
  • Quickly compare the terms of each provider at a glance
  • Adjust the framework conditions of the loan individually

In addition to the nominal interest, the possible closing fee also plays a role in the cost of a loan. The fact that these are eliminated is also an essential element in order to be at the top. Especially for loans that are repatriated over several years, it may make sense to make special repayments. These should be possible within a certain framework at no cost. If the lender still has a unique selling proposition, the chances are good that it positions itself on the top spot.

The decision on the increase takes only a few minutes. Of course, if the rate is too high, it is not a problem to extend the term before applying for the loan. While this has little impact on the interest rate, it reduces the monthly rate.

A test winner must understand the different life situations of the customers and react to them. Especially in the holiday season or at Christmas it can be scarce at the end of the month. The repayment of the loan is then often not so easy in these times. Even in these cases, the top credit of bank convinced. As a supplement, there is (with sufficient creditworthiness) the bank framework credit, which works in a similar way as a disposition and bridges short-term liquidity bottlenecks. Thus, borrowers have some leeway even in the case of financial bottlenecks.

  • Almost a matter of course is the fact that a rescheduling of existing loans is possible at any time.

For whatever purpose you need the loan, it does not matter. You can specify this when making a credit request, but this has more statistical value. The conditions are completely independent of the purpose. This also means that you – apart from the salary assignment – do not have to deposit any collateral. For some banks, for example, it is necessary to deposit the “car letter” for a car loan. You do not have to do that with bank. They are from the beginning, not only owners, but also owners of the vehicle. This saves you time and effort.

The option of being able to make a loan 24 hours a day via the telephone hotline also means that borrowers can use this method at any time to top up the loan. After all, the top credit of bank offers a volume up to 50,000 euros. Borrowers can take up to 84 months to repatriate.

bank is test winner with the best loan offer

Installment loan and thus our test winner

It has been shown that there are no hidden costs or other pitfalls in the offer and the bank can score with transparency.

As a small bonus, there is still a premium for referrals. No matter which product of the company you recommend, you can get a bonus. Also in this regard, the provider occupies a top spot! Virtually no other bank grants such referral bonuses.

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