Swiss credit loan without Private credit

Our advice - beware of contracts

Are you thinking about a Swiss loan? Are you looking for authentic information so that your decision is on safe feet? In all likelihood, you are dealing with a foreign loan without Private credit.

We present you the Private credit-free credit for Germans in all details. So that the overview is complete, right at the beginning, a paragraph on the foreign currency loan. In addition, alternatives to Swiss credit without Private credit.

Reading time for the guide about 10 minutes. For a quick overview, in one minute reading time, we recommend the summary at the end of the text.

Swiss credit – not just free of debt

Swiss banks enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. Not entirely innocent of it are always clever ideas. Swiss Credit is considered an innovative financing offer for every need. It is well known, in addition to the Private credit-free microcredit, the house financing from Switzerland. Likewise, the loans of the municipalities came in the past from the land of the mountains.

Foreign currency loans, at times of the DM and later the stable euro, meant low interest rates for large loans. The Swiss franc was tied to the euro. Thus, the risk of currency fluctuations virtually excluded. Only today is all the snow of yesterday. The euro mutated into soft currency. 

The connection of the currency was dissolved. The foreign currency loan is therefore, from the point of view of an income in euros, today simply absurd.

Swiss Credit German – Requirements

Swiss Credit German - Requirements

According to Swiss credit of the present, do not seek people who want to record large sums of money at low interest rates abroad. On the contrary, a small loan is needed. But not just any loan, but a loan option that can do without the Private credit. Targeted circumvention should be a credit rejection. It is triggered by one or more negative entries.

Moreover, a small group of applicants thereafter aspire to exclude the Private credit altogether. Because, she still plans big things. In order for the large loan in Germany to be as low-interest as possible, they must prove equity capital. In addition, no current loans may be registered in the Private credit. In the background is usually the plan to acquire a house or condominium.

Triggered by the real estate boom in Germany, Private credit free credit helps to hide the small “ailments”.

Private credit from Switzerland – Review

Swiss credit without Private credit has a long history. Again and again, the “makers” from Switzerland were responsible for amazing offers. For example, they offered the Housewife Credit in the 1960s as needed. Even to the then advertising TV, this small loan has brought. In the early evening program, the postman rang the doorbell and – without proof of income – brought the money.

Of such romantic reveries modern credit without Private credit is far away. Because, as well known as the ingenuity are the problems with it. So it is not surprising that the banking supervision stepped in. In the last resort, the classic Swiss loan was even banned. Read in the judgment of the Federal Administrative Court (22.04.2009 Az. 8 C 2.09).

Nevertheless, nobody today has to renounce Private crediten credit. Where there is a demand, the offer will eventually come.

Private credit for Germans – now from Liechtenstein

Private credit for Germans - now from Liechtenstein

Practically from one day to the next, there was no longer the classic Swiss loan without Private credit. After all, no foreign bank had ever undergone the necessary authorization procedure. Anyone looking for a loan without Private credit from 2009 until around 2011 got it either from the circle of friends or not at all. Even studies prove that.

As far as our research shows, currently only one bank offers legally Private crediten credit for Germans. It is the Sigma Credit Bank. It was certified by BaFin in 2010. Thus, all non-Private credit credits that indicate a bank other than a lender are out of touch with reality. Which brings the risks into focus first. Problems with the truth in credit with negative Private credit has the advertising.

Credit advertising without Private credit – everything is possible

The way out of the credit crunch at negative Private credit search many on Google. The search engine knows the answer to all questions. Unfortunately, Google does not check what’s true and what’s wrong. In Germany, the potential for Private credit-free loans is gigantic. Almost 10 percent of the population does not get a regular loan. Most of them do not even have a dispo.

As a result, the credit crunch is preprogrammed. – And Google finds entries for every taste. Private credit, but without creditworthiness and quickly on the account. Of course Swiss credit without Private credit in almost any height and for any purpose. The advertising often does not match the real loan offer. The bank itself offers neither a quick loan nor huge loans.

Only small loans over 3,500 euros, 5,000 euros or 7,500 euros. But not without credit rating, but only without cooperation with the Private credit.

Why the advertising buzz?

Why the advertising buzz?

Very few applicants with negative Private credit are actually qualified to lend. Whether the Private credit now their “mustard” or not, plays for the necessary credit rating hardly a role. The full-bodied advertising slogans basically just answer the wishes that applicants have. It does not matter at first whether it will give you credit. The main thing is an application is made.

Useful are the data for both credit brokerage and ancillary business. Exactly the business practices that have caused a bad reputation, are still everyday. Proper fraudsters take advance payment. The “gentleman” are content with additional commission business. To be sold: insurance, pensions, investments, credit cards. Everything that pays commission to the cash register.

By the way, the bank has nothing to do with the whole thing. It only offers the current Swiss loan without Private credit. Applications are accepted directly or through intermediaries.

Authentic information – protection against fraudsters

Authentic information - protection against fraudsters

It has become difficult to distinguish real offers from scammers. To promote Swiss credit without Private credit, even though he comes from Liechtenstein, is not a lie. Some special credit brokers, such as Bonkredit, have their roots in Switzerland. In addition, the term is to be seen as a kind of “brand”. Everyone can clearly assign what it is.

It is relatively easy to detect fraud as advance payment comes into play. Because that is prohibited by law. It gets more difficult when it comes to the contract. Instead of agency contracts, consultancy contracts are deferred. The purpose is to circumvent consumer protection under § 655 BGB. The contract is then closed, for example, for debt restructuring.

Our advice – beware of contracts

Basically, we recommend refusing home visits and ancillary business in general. In addition, it is superfluous to conclude a comprehensive agency contract. A “three-line” is sufficient to secure the commission claims. It only states that in case of success a commission in the amount of XY is to be paid. Some intermediaries even renounce contracts entirely.

Because, they receive their success commission anyway directly from the Sigma Kreditbank. If the broker submits the contract, his claim to commission is clear. If the customer applies directly, the naming of the “helpful agent” on the application suffices. The bank is trying, among other things through the step of the direct remuneration of intermediaries, fraudsters in the “soup to suck”.

In addition, it informs as open as any other bank about the requirements that must be met to obtain a loan.

Swiss Credit – General Requirements

Basically, the requirements for credit without Private credit are not significantly different from regular credit. The Private credit is excluded for proof of credit. Each loan request is checked in individual cases. The aim is to provide secure credit as required by law. Of course this is also possible if the Private credit is “presumably” bad.

Swiss credit without Private credit is secured exclusively via the attachable income share. The “social insurance income” is the focus of the credit check. Neither a guarantor nor security is allowed. In addition, the income may not currently be seized. An existing employment assignment is also not available.

Central factor – job security

The employment contract is also indefinite and not terminated. How long the employment relationship must already exist, decides on the desired loan amount. The minimum income is also based on the lending volume and also on the maintenance obligations. Basically, everything you need to know about regular credit.

No chance of the application if:

  • The applicant is over-indebted
  • Under 18 years and over 62 years old would be
  • The income from self-employment or freelance is achieved
  • A wage garnishment or employment assignment exists
  • The ability to work is at risk (maximum 10 sickness or accident days)
  • The insolvency proceedings are ongoing or expected
  • There is an entry in the public debtor register
  • Moreover, Swiss credit is not a homemaker credit
  • The income from wage replacement benefits exists (Harz 4, sickness benefit, …)

In one sentence:

We are looking for borrowers who can afford their loan safely. You provide the necessary proof of credit by supporting documents.

Application requirements in detail

The bank’s offer is limited to three different small loans. In contrast to the advertising of some intermediaries, there is no fast-track procedure for Swiss credit without Private credit.Whether via intermediaries or direct credit application, successfully applied for credit is about 7 days in the account. The credit models are not flexible.

Only offered:

  • 3,500 euros Private credit – balanced in 40 monthly installments
  • 5,000 euros Private credit – balanced in 40 monthly installments
  • 7,500 euros Private credit – balanced in 40 monthly installments

For 3,500 euros Swiss credit without Private credit, the employment relationship with the current employer must be continuous for 12 months. If 5,000 Private credite euro are requested, 36 months of service are required. At 7,500 euros credit without Private credit, the minimum requirement for the employment increases to 48 months.

Minimum income – what are the requirements?

The requirement for the minimum income – net per month without child benefit – is staggered. Once decisive for the minimum requirement is for the height of the requested small loan. Besides, of course, the attachability of the income. With each maintenance obligation, the limit shifts, because the share of protected income is growing.

For 3,500 euros Swiss Credit:

  • Without maintenance obligation = 1,150 euros monthly net income
  • A maintenance obligation = 1,600 euros monthly net income
  • Two maintenance obligations = 1,850 euros monthly net income
  • Three maintenance obligations = 2,150 euros monthly net income
  • Four maintenance obligations = 2,500 euros monthly net income

For 5000 euros of Private credit:

  • Without maintenance obligation = 1,600 euros monthly net income
  • A maintenance obligation = 1,900 euros monthly net income
  • Two maintenance obligations = 2,250 euros monthly net income
  • Three maintenance obligations = 2,600 euros monthly net income
  • Four maintenance obligations = € 3,200 monthly net income

For 7,500 euros Swiss credit without Private credit:

  • Without maintenance obligation = 1,800 euros monthly net income
  • A maintenance obligation = 2,100 euros monthly net income
  • Two maintenance obligations = € 2,500 monthly net income
  • Three maintenance obligations = 2,900 euros monthly net income
  • Four maintenance obligations = 3,400 euros monthly net income

– that’s how it works

- that

There are two options for applying. People who are hoping for a convenient online loan with instant promise will submit their application through intermediaries. This would be possible, for example, via Bonkredit or Maxda. An advantage of this application path is the credit check. In addition, it can simultaneously discover alternatives. Nevertheless, nobody relies on mediators.

All necessary application documents are available for download on the homepage of the bank. The application is then sent by regular mail. There is a downer, however. Everyone has to pay for the legally prescribed post-ID procedure for loan applications (just under € 10). The frequent question of what is better or faster is something everyone has to decide for themselves.

The bank is in the order of application. More advantageous is the direct application to avoid unnecessary advertising. But missing for the preliminary examination.

Alternatives – despite Private credit from Germany

It is not always necessary to completely exclude the Private credit via a Swiss loan. Only the desire for credit with outstanding Private credit entry from Germany can not be fulfilled. (Apart from the pawn shop or friends). If applicants are only concerned that the Private credit does not have the last word, a loan is sufficient, despite Private credit.

Also there are direct application options. At the same time, this is the bank, which is considered the largest provider of risk loans from Germany. The application requirements are even significantly more moderate than the Swiss loan.

Other alternatives offer credit portals. Namely, the “credit derivative” on Smava and the loan from private bank. In both cases, however, it is checked that the entry carries the notice of completion.

Swiss Credit – summarized for fast readers

Swiss credit without Private credit has long been considered a good way to exclude the Private credit. Nevertheless, the time has not stopped for foreign credit without Private credit for Germans. The current loan offers are not from Switzerland. Private crediter Kredit has been awarded Liechtenstein since 2010. The Sigma Kreditbank has, as far as verifiable, the only bank licensed to offer German Private crediten credit.

Moreover, Swiss credit of the present is far removed from many fascinating advertising slogans. Nobody should trust advertising. Small loans are offered for people who can demonstrably afford their credit. The only concession, the Private credit has no effect on the credit decision. It is completely excluded from Swiss credit.

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