ABC Says Businesses Need More Clarity To ‘Monitor’ Vaccines


“When people need to be vaccinated or not, how is it going to be monitored or enforced? She said.

Ms Froidevaux said she did not want to discriminate and that she would not require people to be vaccinated to attend her gym, unless the law requires her to.

“Why would I turn down someone who chooses not to be vaccinated?” She said. “It’s their choice, it’s none of my business.”

Renee Wallace is the owner of Birch Restaurant in the Central Highlands of NSW. Credit:Abbie miss

Another business owner, Renee Wallace, who runs the Birch restaurant in the Central Highlands of New South Wales, said she had previously introduced requirements on the restaurant’s reservation page that asked diners to acknowledge that ‘they were doubly vaccinated before the reservation could proceed.

“We cannot open the doors to guests who are not doubly vaccinated, it is a public health order,” she said. “At the end of the day, we would rather have our doors open than closed. “

Ms Wallace said the new reservation system opened on Saturday night and she was “inundated” with bookings without any complaints about vaccination requirements.

“I think places that take these extra precautions and are pretty transparent about them will probably see a much higher demand because I think people want more confidence in what they’re doing,” she said. declared.

The CBA, the country’s largest consumer bank, has launched a number of initiatives to capture market share in the lucrative business lending sector of other majors. Last week, it introduced a flat rate of 1.1% for processing payments by in-store merchants and 1.5% for online transactions.

Mr Fowles said setting the flat rate would cost the CBA around $ 10 million per year in lost revenue, but it would help attract new customers because the previous offering was too complex and used by less than 3% of customers. 83,000 eligible customers of the bank.

“Competition is fierce in this sector. There are a lot of new entrants, new players, ”said Mr. Fowles.

Karen Last, general manager of merchant solutions for CBA, said the bank also analyzed the revenue models of around 50,000 merchants to offer fee waivers to customers who were struggling with the prolonged lockdowns. Ms Last said it was simplistic to view entire industries as under pressure as there were winners among industries hit hard by the pandemic.

“My cafe near me is having a great deal of trading right now,” Ms. Last said. “While the cafe in our office building has been closed for months now.

“We are seeing large impacts, adopting an industrial point of view is brutal. “

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