Coronavirus Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Reservations Triple After Alberta Introduces Passport System


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Main titles:

  1. Vaccination bookings jump in Alberta after introduction of COVID-19 vaccine passport
  2. Britain eases travel restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers from selected list of countries, including Canada

In the last seven days, 31,093 cases have been reported, increasing 16 percent of the previous seven days. There was 200 deaths announced, on the rise 32 percent during the same period. At least 2,091 people are treated in hospitals.

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The inoculation rate in Canada is 13th among countries with at least one million inhabitants.

Sources: Canada’s data is compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins, and the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; international data is from Johns Hopkins University.

Explanations on the coronavirus: Coronavirus in maps and graphs • Vaccine dose tracking • Lockout and reopen rules

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Cargo terminal workers check containers carrying a shipment of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine as it arrives in Sydney, Australia on Friday, September 17, 2021.

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Coronavirus in Canada

  • In alberta, reservations for COVID-19 vaccination nearly tripled after the province announced a vaccination passport. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said 25,000 vaccine appointments were recorded Thursday night – a jump of about 166% from two days earlier. The province’s state of public health emergency and the return of a number of COVID-19-related restrictions have prompted various responses, including confusion and exhaustion.
  • In Prince Edward Island, a COVID-19 outbreak at an elementary school in Charlottetown resulted in the closure of a second school.
  • In Ontario, Waterloo’s top doctor said a child under the age of 10 has died from COVID-19 in the region. Meanwhile, the province reported 795 new cases and five deaths from COVID-19 on Friday.

Canadian Federal Election unfolds amid the pandemic, when Canadians report higher rates of anxiety and depression and a fourth wave looms over exhausted doctors and exhausted healthcare workers. As a result, mental health care is attracting more attention than usual in the election campaign.

  • The three major national parties are promising money, tax credits and policy changes aimed at correcting chronic inequalities in the system.
  • “The pandemic has hit and really exposed the gaps in our system,” said Sarah Kennell, national director of public policy for the Canadian Mental Health Association. “If we’re not going to talk about it now, then when?” “

Coronavirus in the world

  • In BritainPrime Minister Boris Johnson announced the easing of restrictions on international travel, but only for fully vaccinated travelers from a selected list of countries, including Canada. This is the latest signal that the government plans to rely heavily on vaccines to manage the pandemic, after Johnson scrapped plans to introduce vaccine passports.

Globe Reviews

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Sources: Canada’s data is compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins University and the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; international data is from Johns Hopkins.

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