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Global company cancellation: Times?

We have spoken several times about global company, the best known private company that runs Eurisc, certainly one of the most used SIC (credit information systems) at European level. But regarding the cancellation of global company, what are the times? In the meantime, it is necessary to clarify that the positive data contained in global company, such as loans, mortgages, loans and revolving cards paid regularly, both in course that closed, have retention times different from the conservation times in global company of the negative data.

For obvious reasons related in particular to loan application outcomes, global company cancellation and delays to eliminate negative data are more important than retention times for positive data. The latter are more advantageous than being deleted, reinforcing your credentials for banks and financial institutions.

Global company cancellation: When are negative data deleted?

With regard to the cancellation of negative information, the timing is calculated based on the magnitude of delays or outstanding payments related to a loan (the same applies to loans, mortgages and revolving cards ).

The longer the delay, the worse the negative reports, the more the global company deletion will take longer. Entering more merit, to remove information from global company, the time is 12 months, when it comes to a maximum of 2 installments paid late for a period not exceeding 2 months.

To obtain global company cancellation, the time is 24 months, when it comes to more than 2 late payment installments or any number of installments if they are late for more than 2 months.

To obtain the global company cancellation, the times are 36 mes i, when it is an unpaid. In all three cases, to obtain the cancellation of global company, the times are calculated from the regularization of the position, therefore starting from the repayment of the installments or the outstanding.

Cancellation global company: And for the only requests?

Finally, to obtain the global company cancellation, the deadline is 30 days from the date on which the financial company reports a loan that has been refused.

It should be noted that the data are updated 30 days from the date on which the request for funding is filed (ie rejection or renunciation by the customer).

If the request remains under evaluation, this will be evident in the database for at least 6 months.

Global company cancellation: Is it possible to obtain credit?

If you need money, new liquidity, but you are on the list of bad payers or simply you have negative reports in global company for recent requests not successful, we can help you.

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