Harrods partners with software company SevenRooms to capture guest data

  • Harrods is partnering with SevenRooms to identify high-spend or VIP guests.
  • SevenRooms software collects data from guest reservations, orders and notes added by restaurant staff.
  • Harrods plans to use the data to personalize the experiences of diners at 14 of its food and beverage outlets.

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Harrods, London’s most iconic department store, has partnered with catering technology company SevenRooms to capture key data about their customers. This includes whether they showed up for their reservation, what they ordered and whether they are spending a lot.

Seven bedrooms

Restaurant groups can view diners’ order history.

Seven bedrooms

SevenRooms software enables restaurants to take online orders, manage reservations and collect customer feedback on their visits, and then use the data from those visits to advertise promotions and market events.

They can even personalize the restaurant experience by recommending wines they know they love or remembering their allergies.

Harrods is deploying the software to 14 of its food and beverage outlets, and the data collected at each restaurant will be shared with the others.

Harrods Social by Jason Atherton

Harrods is deploying the software to 14 food and beverage outlets, including Jason Atherton’s Harrods Social.


“Our aspiration is to tailor every element of the experience to the needs of our customers, so the more information we have, the more successful we can be,” Ashley Saxton, restaurant manager at Harrods told Insider.

“It could be one of our chefs surprising a returning guest with a birthday cake, the staff inviting customers to come back for an annual celebration, or even something as simple as their favorite newspaper waiting for them. when making their routine morning reservation, ”he said. .

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Restaurants can use SevenRooms to preview upcoming reservations.

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As a white label B2B company, SevenRooms only communicates with restaurants and not with their customers.

Danilo Mangano, Managing Director of International at SevenRooms, told Insider that this differentiates SevenRooms from other reservation markets, which use customer data to promote other restaurants on their platforms, rather than sharing the data with the restaurant itself.

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Restaurants can see preview information about their diners.

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“We give the restaurateur full ownership and control of customer data,” Mangano said.

When a guest makes their reservation, they must provide some basic contact details. These are transferred to SevenRooms software if they choose to share their data for marketing purposes.

This creates a profile for the person who booked the restaurant. SevenRooms then integrates with a restaurant’s point of sale (POS) system to capture more data during diners’ visits, including what they ordered and how much they spent. This information is updated in real time on the SevenRooms platform, which restaurant owners can access on an iPod or iPhone.

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Restaurants can display information about upcoming reservations.

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Hosts can also enter restaurant data into the software by manually adding tags, such as “shellfish allergy”, “wine $$$$”, “always accommodate” and “VIP”. The data is kept private from the diner.

Restaurants can use this data to personalize the customer’s visit. If they order a particularly large amount of food, for example, the restaurant’s general manager can personally greet the table, Mangano said.

James harrods

Harrods Releases Software on Harrods Social by Jason Atherton.


Mangano stated that restaurants may also use this data to tailor future communications to the restaurant, such as advertising promotions or marketing events based on what they have ordered in the past, such as advertising of tasting events. wines from customers known to be big spenders. wine.

Saxton said SevenRooms’ technology would give Harrods a “higher level of information” about the results of its restaurants and allow it to manage the performance of its operations on the live database.

Seven bedrooms

Restaurants can use SevenRooms to organize their reservations.

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“Restaurants are not just about the food on the plate, but how the team makes you feel when you visit them, and these preferences allow us to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations,” said Saxton.

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