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As early as the middle of last year, Al Panlilio, then PLDT’s chief revenue officer and CEO of Smart Communications, stressed the importance of their business, saying that although they often say within the group that they are in the field of nation-building, this has never been truer than it is today, as their services have truly established themselves in many industries in light of the pandemic.

In an interview with the Oxford Business Group, Panlilio said that the entire PLDT group is very much aligned with the driving capabilities of the sectors that they believe will see major changes in the coming months, their key performance indicators. moving from turnover to service.

Looking ahead to the recovery period, he said data remains the main growth driver on the consumer side, so ensuring high quality of service is of paramount importance. He noted that the home consumer segment, which is primarily for fixed broadband and fixed wireless connections, also has great potential for increased adoption, as homes are now becoming schools and offices.

On the information and communications technology side, Panlilio said he saw an increase in the adoption of data center services, much of which was due to e-commerce.

He also told OBG that internet traffic has shifted from the central business district to more residential areas, but their networks are handling capacity, remaining the fastest network based on Open Signal’s third-party results and from Ookla.

Fast forward to 2021. Panlilio, who is now President and CEO of PLDT, said he wants to push digital as a way to be the interface as they engage with their customers and aim for a more digital PLDT over the next decade to make customer engagement transparent and straightforward.

“Most recently, the group announced that carriers and businesses can now easily view, book and purchase submarine cable capacity through Capacity B&B, an online reservation portal launched by PLDT Global Corporation (PGC), the international PLDT. This is the first time that a Philippines-based telecommunications company, through PGC, has offered submarine cable capability as a product? via a? digital platform.

This will allow PGC customers to view real-time availability of submarine cable capacity instead of manually inquiring about traditional channels. Can customers also discuss backhaul, local loop, or patch service needs? in detail once the sales team has contacted them.

According to Albert Villa-Real, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of PGC, they are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience by providing them with an inventory of submarine cables and product details that are easily searchable on one. platform, which helps them save time and effort. especially in this pandemic where the company is striving to ensure business continuity through contactless or contactless transactions.

Who would have thought that there would come a time when everything can be done at home? Before the pandemic, I tried to avoid making payments online. I would go to a Bayad Center outlet, the nearest Meralco branch, or even the bank just to pay my utility bills. I would ask the bank for physical copies of my bank statement even if the bank manager urged me to simply download a mobile app where I could check my balance and make other transactions. I preferred to physically buy Christmas presents rather than shopping online, as I was concerned that any accounts linked to online stores and platforms would be hacked.

However, the quarantine restrictions left me with no choice but to shorten my learning curve and adapt to the new way of doing tasks. With Metro Manila back under ECQ, I can say that I have mastered the skills needed, technologically speaking, to survive this two week lockdown. And with telecom operators giving us the assurance of better service, working and staying at home ultimately doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. If Hidilyn Diaz can train with the most rudimentary equipment, creating lift sets from water jugs, filled gym bags and bamboo sticks when all gyms were closed, and always bring back to home the Olympic gold, so we too can still accomplish a lot despite the difficulties.

Not so hidden agenda

Allianz PNB Life won the CSR Initiative of the Year for Ride Safe, its bike adoption and safety campaign, at the Insurance Asia Awards 2021.

Since 2016, Insurance Asia has brought together and recognized 130 exceptional insurance companies from 24 Asian countries. It is hosted by Insurance Asia, a biannual publication aimed at insurance companies, investors, professionals and policy makers in the region.

According to Allianz PNB Life CEO Alexander Grenz, with the industry hit hard by the pandemic and the remarkable initiatives other companies have also come up with in response, this is a victory not only for Allianz PNB Life , but also for Filipino cyclists. who they want to defend.

The winning campaign, Ride Safe, comes at a time when increasing cases of COVID-19 and tighter quarantine restrictions have hampered public transportation for most Filipinos. With cycling now on the rise as an alternative mode of transportation and a source of income, Allianz PNB Life has helped create safer and more bicycle-friendly cities in Metro Manila over the past year.

Allianz PNB Life has partnered with local government units and organizations through Ride Safe to promote cycling, in line with their global goal of sustainability, as well as the defense of a healthy lifestyle. The campaign spearheaded a series of cycling education and community engagement initiatives online, while advocating for much needed infrastructure on the ground.

In November 2020, it partnered with San Juan to launch the country’s first solar-powered bike stop, along with new kiosks and signs for the city’s bike paths. Recently, the company has built themed bike racks and art installations at four of Manila’s historic locations.

Grenz stressed that effective follow-up is important for any cause-driven initiative, and that working with decision-makers and advocates is a good way to ensure that their initiatives are well-founded and properly taken into account.

Globally, Allianz is considered the most sustainable insurer from 2017 to 2019, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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