Policy Loan Test Winner in Comparison

Policy loans offer the option to take out a loan on an insurance and to repay this loan at a time or in installments. Popular loans are often loaned to life insurance. The focus is therefore on information about the service and the offer itself. Relevant points in this context are the loan offer, a minimum and maximum amount, the interest rate, the maturity, availability of support, a regulation of these offers or the requirements of the applicant. Not all providers are good too. Therefore, it is interesting to know where the shortcomings in the offer are. The consumer should have a basic understanding of the scope and transparency of an offer.

Bank policy loan : The insurance cover of the insurance is also completely preserved at the time of the loan. Those who are not only interested in a policy loan will find what they are looking for at Bank. Here, various financial and investment solutions are offered at attractive interest rates. Including rental deposit, installment credit, car loan or time deposits.

However, the Bank policy loan is disadvantageous for employees in the probationary period, for the self-employed and freelancers. They can not lend their life insurance through Bank.

Bio finance

Life Finance

At Bio Finance , clients receive an attractive fixed-rate offer to lend their life insurance. The processing fees are omitted here. Those wishing to make special repayments during their term can do so at no extra cost. The life insurance sales price at LifeFinance is also very customer-friendly and correspondingly high. The loan can be made with a minimum of 1,000 euros. The maximum is 100 percent of the surrender value. The customer and the bank decide with the aid of a policy valuation how high the loan is. The interest rate is 4.10 percent in a very moderate frame. As a result, life insurance lending has become a real alternative to traditional credit.

It should be noted, however, that the term of the LifeFinance loan is limited to 10 years. Thus, the customer has a clear advantage here, because for other providers, the maximum term is usually only seven years.


They can score points in its contracts with particularly low interest rates during the contract period. The customer receives the entire sum. Processing costs are not deducted and are omitted here. The insurance cover of the life insurance remains unrestricted throughout the term. The loan can take place without proof of income. Thus, they much more accommodating than other providers. In general, amounts between 5,000 and 250,000 euros are paid out. The exact amount depends on the needs of the customer and the policy rating. This is free of charge for the customer and is based on the life insurance contract data. If a customer just wants to have his insurance rated and not lend it, he has to pay a fee to us.

The term of the loan is a maximum of 10 years. This gives customers a clear performance advantage over other providers.

The information for customers can be improved at cash.life. The homepage is sparse with details about the contract and the purchase. Customers need to contact the hotline for more information.

cash.life loans from 3.99 percent.

Bank policy loan as test winner with us

With a total of 83 out of 100 points, Bank emerges as the clear winner of our test. Not only the solid services or the attractive interest rates were convincing. The additional services round off the portfolio in the interests of the customer. Thus, various solutions for rent deposits, installment loans or even around the fixed-term savings are offered. What does not exist at Bank are credit cards. But even with them you can obtain attractive financing models. How you can benefit from it and find the right card provider, we show in a guide .

We are recommended mortgage lenders who create the best conditions for the customers. For example, there are providers that do not charge a processing fee or providers that allow flexible repayments. If a customer can or wants to repay a loan faster, certain conditions are required.

  • Unscheduled agreements
  • A long duration of a fixed interest rate,
  • No saving products or
  • A high repayment rate

Prove to be a sensible framework. Good advice with a service can also help to assess the credit situation.

Policy loans are extremely popular. Not every insured person wants to keep his policy. However, a crash will result in a loss. If an insurance customer wants to take advantage of his policy, which he pays for a long time, a policy loan will certainly prove useful. explains that lending is attractive at low market rates. Usually, a loan that is similar to the loan also causes a multiple amount that may be repayable. The lower the interest, the cheaper the repayments will be on generally good terms. An insurance must not be lost afterwards, but can be continued.

Mortgage loans are completely different types of loans. It is an amount of money in a low range, which is granted over a short term. In addition, security is required. A pledge credit, shows, is tied to depositing equivalent security. This will be redeemed later at an agreed amount. The possible amount of a loan depends on the material value of a deposited object. If a small amount is needed at short notice, this variant proves to be useful. At the same time, it proves to be important for a customer to bring with them the best possible knowledge of the mortgage loan. So all sorts of advantages can be used.

In comparison, all three variants have their own advantages and disadvantages. These show up in particular

  • in the amount of the amounts made available
  • in the design of credit conditions
  • in the term and
  • in a possible attachment to a purpose.

If a house or apartment is bought, then this is a completely different type of loan, as in a mortgage. Both loans are not comparable. In addition, a loan is not the same as a loan. Ultimately, a loan has some advantages over the other two products. If a small amount is needed over a short period, a borrower can also fall back on the simple variant of a mortgage loan. A policy loan, in comparison, is located in a middle range between a small and a large loan. Thus, this loan is suitable as a borrowed amount over a comparatively short period of time. The loan is not tied to a use and can be quite cheap at low interest rates.

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