Some Flogs tried to sell a reservation at Totti’s Bondi for $ 600


Look, I know we’re all desperate for things to reopen and to finally be able to have a drunken night out with our girls, gays and them, but it’s kinda totti-culous: a guy allegedly tried to sell his reservation at Bar Totti’s in December for a shit sum.

In a screenshot of a post from the Bondi community’s Facebook group, Bondi Local Loop, a man named Joel says he is offering his six-person reservation at Merivale-owned Italian bar and restaurant Bondi in December for a still-steep price of six hundred dollars. Minus the $ 600 bill at the end of the night, ofc.

“TOTTI reservation sale for Saturday December 4, 6 people, 6.30pm,” he said. “600 $ WON”.

$ 600 ??? Well, unless you’re someone who shits pure gold, you can say goodbye to your sunny Bondi Bevy freedom.

I’m not going to lie though, it’s worth it for the burrata, Roma tomatoes and basil dressed in olive oil, kinda the keyword.

The post has since been deleted from the group, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from completely roasting the seller.

In a screenshot of the deleted post, a group member replied, “You’re kidding me.”

I know we all can’t wait to go out and drink alcohol in a real bar, but it’s kinda crazy, right? I mean, yeah we’re all dying for things to reopen and businesses probably won’t be able to keep up with the demand – I tried to book a haircut this week and earlier than my local was able to do was late October – but it’s crazy.

Talk with PEDESTRIAN.TV, however, Joel says he doesn’t have a reservation and wrote the message “like a joke”.

“I never expected so much traction, but it clearly resonated with people,” he said.

“Justin Hemmes reposted it and seemed to think it was funny. I think there is a lot of emotion around the end of the lockdown and I ended up getting a lot of messages with genuine offers so I decided to withdraw it.

“If anyone has a reservation with TOTTI, contact me!”

Bar Totti’s has yet to respond to the post. PEDESTRIAN.TV contacted the restaurant for comment.

Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be sipping cocktails in the courtyard of Bar Totti on December 4th. Well, through a virtual Zoom background. I’m not made of money, you bunch of monsters.

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Image: Merivale / Stan

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