Travelers go out with caution, reservations increase by 50% | Bhopal News

Bhopal: As Covid-19 cases decrease, travelers have now started going out. However, the rush is still a far cry from what it was in pre-covid times, tour operators say.
City travelers heading out for a break are mostly young, still-cautious families, operators said.
The same goes for business trips, always halfway, operators say.
“We only deal with business travel, there is some improvement as it was close to zero until a few months ago, it has now started to open, but it’s barely 50% of what ‘it was before,’ Anil Pillai, a tour operator who only deals with corporate clients in the city, told TOI.
Another travel agent who specializes in train ticket bookings, Rajesh Meena, said: ‘People mainly travel for work, emergency or exams. From our Bhopal, the largest part of travelers go to Tirupati, Shirdi or Vaishno Devi, but this type of travelers only represents 10% of the total. And this 10% also includes mostly young people, people are still cautious when it comes to family travel. As one of my clients booked many tickets to Shirdi for all his extended family, the trip was scheduled for March, but as cases increased in late January, he had it cancelled. However, he hadn’t taken the refund from me, but he asked me to keep it because it will definitely go when things get back to normal”.
Another travel agency owner, Rajesh Raghuvanshi in the city, echoed the sentiments. “Normal leisure travel is barely 20% of what it was in pre-covid times, people are still cautious and I think Covid-19 has financial implications as well. Corporate bookings are also around 40% of what they were before. I think it will still take time for things to normalize, although they have improved a bit lately.”
A travel agent in the city, Mahendra Meena, who dealt with people going to countries like Thailand, said: “There are absolutely no reservations even now. I hope that when Covid-19 is over, people will leave.”

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